United States Constitution

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Article 1
Legislative Branch
Article 2
Executive Branch
Article 3
Judicial Branch
Article 4
The States
Article 5
Amending the Constitution
Article 6
National Government
Article 7
Amendment 1
First: Intellectual Freedom, Press, Religion, Speech
Amendment 2
Second: Right to Keep and Bear Arms, RKBA, Guns
Amendment 3
Third: Quartering
Amendment 4
Fourth: Privacy and Property Rights
Amendment 5
Fifth: Due Process, Property Rights, and Takings
Amendment 6
Sixth: Criminal Trials
Amendment 7
Seventh: Civil Trials
Amendment 8
Eighth: Punishments
Amendment 9
Nineth: Other Rights Retained by the People
Amendment 10
Tenth: Rights Retained by the States and the People
Amendment 11
Reduction of Federal Court Jurisdiction
Amendment 12
Selection of President and Vice-President
Amendment 13
Amendment 14
Rights of United States Citizenship
Amendment 15
Voting Rights
Amendment 16
Income Tax
Amendment 17
Election of Senators
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20
Lame Duck
Amendment 21
Repeal Prohibition
Amendment 22
Limit President to 10 Years
Amendment 23
District of Columbia
Amendment 24
Poll Tax
Amendment 25
Presidential Succession
Amendment 26
Voting at Age 18

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