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Teaching Our Children Diligently
August 20, 2000
The Founders never envisioned a Federal Government whose taxation and spending penetrated the daily fabric of life. That is the real issue -- the United States has become a socialist nation, and socialism is totally incompatible with the First Amendment.
Random Walks and the Supreme Court
August 20, 2000
Bluntly put, the Court knows that its previous rulings have been flawed, but following precedence is more important than being correct.
Those Nasty Loopholes
August 20, 2000
Ironically, the Juvenile Crime Bill, containing reasonable restrictions on the Bill of Rights that these marching moms want Congress to pass to protect children, defines the activities of these same older teens as adult crimes with adult penalties.
A Hill to Die On
August 20, 2000
If the party platform is meaningless, then how can a voter best discharge their civic duty to vote for the best candidate? I suggest asking the question, What hill is this candidate willing to die on?
Dynamic Entry Drills
August 20, 2000
As this country's understanding of the meaning of "the rule of law" continues to evolve towards a more dynamic law enforcement stance, perhaps it is time to add "dynamic entry drills" to the list of safety rules responsible parents must teach their children.
Elian and Federal Force
May 12, 2000
The White House had the chutzpah to justify the Federal raid to seize Elian as an application of the rule of law. There is nothing of the LAW in Elian's seizure. However, there is a lot about kingly RULE of FORCE.
The Pterodactyl's Shadow
May 12, 2000
Sometimes the shadows become so blatant, so arrogant, that even the mainstream feels a vague disquiet. Such is the case with Elian Gonzalez.
Tiananmen Square, Waco, and Posse Comitatus
May 11, 2000
The experiences of Tienanmin Square and Waco underscore the wisdom of the Posse Comitatus act.
Strip-Mining the Constitution
May 11, 2000
We do not have to "go along to get along" with ... programs that will inevitably reshape our society into some kind of "New World Order" in which we have signed away our sovereignty to international organizations as surely as the coal-belt farmers signed away their top soil to the strip mining companies.
May 11, 2000
For our society to survive, we must have nonpartisan support for the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Senators like Robert Byrd (D-WV) talk the good talk, agreeing that William Jefferson Clinton is guilty of multiple counts of perjury and obstruction of justice. But the lock-step (goose-step?) actions of the Democratic senators speak louder than words. Their actions proclaim that any attempt at nonpartisanship within this Congress is as futile as Neville Chamberlain's attempts to appease Hitter.

Clinton, Guns, and Bombs
February 22, 2000
President Clinton seems to spend more time rubbing shoulders with Hollywood types than with real soldiers, so he may not realize that much of what Hollywood portrays is not proper use of guns. With that said, here are a few pointers on firearm usage that President Clinton should consider applying to military engagements...
Moral Imperative or Imperialism?
October 15, 1999
Backers of the United States' intervention in Yugoslavia condemn ethnic cleansing, and when their words go unheeded, they bomb the perpetrators. Analogously, some folks condemn abortions, and when they are unheeded, they bomb the clinics. Neither bombing can be justified Biblically.
Waco -- Operation Showtime
September 22, 1999
All indications are that the confrontation between the BATF and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas was a set-up, planned for public relations purposes. The BATF had the news media alerted, the cameras rolling, and a search warrant that was obtained on trumped up charges. They disregarded the invitation of the Branch Davidians to peacefully enter the building and have a look around. They ignored opportunities to arrest David Koresh when he was alone. They recklessly ignored the presence of innocent women and children, and staged a paramilitary-style assault on the community. For what? To make a political statement? Excuse me, but I don't think that is the proper role of law enforcement in a Constitutional Republic.
The Problem with Trade Deficits
March 02, 1999
The fiscal policies set by the Clinton Administration and the present Congress will produce rampant inflation.
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